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What they did, and how you responded, and how you recovered.

The Anti-Harassment League
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The idea behind this community is a space where you can write about how you (for whatever reason) were harrassed or abused verbally or physically (either at work, home or elsewhere) because of who you were, and what you did about it. How did you cope? Were you able to reverse the situation? What happened afterwards? Did you recover, or is this an ongoing situation?

The community was created by someone who falls into several minority groups, and at times runs the gauntlet of public abuse by the ignorant and misinformed. This is meant to be a safe space in which to vent your fears, angst, and experiences.

Acceptable Posting

Anything related to confrontation, abuse or harassment that you've experienced, and how you coped/reacted/recovered from it; advice about this; supportive or suggestive comments to the above. Discussions about the general issues of being harassed and abused because of one's identity.

Un-acceptable Posting

Hate postings; tirades against a particular person; flaming; or any other posting designed to deliberately inflame. Anything like that gets deleted by the moderator.

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