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Dec. 4th, 2005 @ 09:03 pm (no subject)
hello people, i need advice on a situation that must stop. on the last 4 years i have been suffering the influence of a boyfriend i had who "swore revenge" when we broke. he has been doing an applied effort since 2002 in making me appear in front of everyone (by telling them lies about me) as a bad person. he drove people away from me, (this was his intention as he spoke to me the last time we've seen each other). this has bothered me greatly and i have never really understood his need for vengeance. well, he got worse. this hasn't stopped. it's been four years and i'm pretty much socially isolated and i do have panic attacks and i'm doing the effort to take care of myself and defending myself from this person as best as i can but i know him and those people are unable to look at their own mistakes, or unable to stop. they have made me feel really afraid and i don't really know what to do. i know i do not deserve to have this harshness day after day and i can't understand why they do it. i don't understand how they have seen in me something bad that i'm not that they are so much "against". are they aware i am a person just like them, with rights like them? do they want to drive me crazy? i have been very, very scared to the point of feeling threatened and i am still scared and i just want to yell at them to STOP or to ask for help but i've been calling for help and people must think i'm exxagerating. i am not. please, please, please, MAKE THEM STOP. I CAN'T BEAR WITH THEM ANYMORE. PLEASE.
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